11Position Yourself - H2A Worker Challenge 2023: Are you interested to work on the H2A farming visa program in the USA.
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Time for a questions and answer session will be allocated  to assist you in determining if this opportunity is for you

Focused H2A Worker Skill-Set Development

About Your Preparation

Unique USA Farm conditions forces you to engage in different challenging day to day farming activities. As you start your farming journey you share your farming skill-set with highly successful, difficult USA farmers. You need to make a conscious decision on how you are going to serve the USA Farmer, what type of worker you are, and the type you want to be. If you are a stable well balanced worker then you can make it work.
The correct skill-set and mental attitude  will enable you to improve each day working in the USA.

My Name Is Louis Kotze

This is my personal invitation for you to join our  

USA FARM WORKER CHALLENGE for Potential H2A workers...

Placing well balanced individuals on the USA farms is my passion. Me and my wife love making a difference in people's lives, and we love training and development.

With this opportunity, we want to give young adults that have the Passion and Potential Skills to perform well on a farm the opportunity to train with us and potentially get the opportunity to work on a USA Farm.

We find it motivates me to see farmers that are satisfied with the overall performance of the person linked to his farm. And for the Workers going overboard, to have an enjoyable, productive experience and grow positively through the experience.

The beauty of this method is that it will make it possible for generations to come to also have the opportunity to farm aboard!

Do You have the desire to do BIG THINGS... ??
You've heard about the opportunity to work in the USA on a farm and earn 'big bucks'. 

But you are not sure what it entails... Which Is Why?


Here’s The TRUTH:

Working in the USA  isn’t always easy.
In fact, trying to juggle all the work given by the USA farmer can be quite challenging at times. But, you can’t let the difficult times get you down. You may have to think creatively, but you can overcome the challenges that arise, if your skill set and attitude is well balanced and sound.
Since I started preparing Workers for H2A work, I learned that finding the best fit worker doesn't happen automatically. It’s not something I can fit into the requirements once and then have it repeat on auto pilot.
No, I have to continuously find workers with verified skill-sets, good behavior patterns and attitude and train them. I have to consistently make time for new ways and methods to keep up with the demand.
As a farm worker trainer and coach, I have to figure out the fine line between keeping the workers and the farmers satisfied.
It’s a challenge.
There are workers that still try to get positions on the H2A visa program with zero or limited farming skill-sets. They use fake CV's and references to get positions on USA farms. The thinking is that USA farmers will train them once they arrive on the farm and that they are desperate for South African workers.  Not true - really not true! Their are workers from other countries that are also in high demand slowly taking up positions that was traditionally filled by SA Workers. They require a worker that can add value to their farm - immediately. Most USA farmers don't have time to train up unskilled workers..

Best Part?

F4A Training Initiative is a hit. It brings quality workers and farmers together, every single time. Now, I want to help you to develop your farm worker skill set...

In Less Than 1 Day You’ll Have Sufficient Knowledge to Decide If you are Going or Staying...

What if you think you have ALL the farming skills?  Do you need the challenge?  Definitely yes! In just a hour per day we will cover amazing content that will help you decide if a position in USA will be for you. That’s what THIS challenge is designed to do!

Here’s How
It Works

On the 1 day...
We will go life 19h00 on Zoom 
...you will get a change to ask your questions directly to me as the farm worker mentor and coach.We facilitate a Question and Answer session at the end of our zoom contact session on the day.

This is NOT going to be a


Like every other course of F4A T&D we will customize and adapt - how you  can benefit the most from the Programme...

Instead, we’re going to leverage my practical secrets (that took me years to learn). We’re going to create ENERGY for the 1 DAY CHALLENGE

1 Day Free Position Yourself Challenge Outline

What to expect ?

DAY 1 - General Topics

Who's F4A & 

what is the H2A Programme

Objective :  

H2A worker program:

History, Focus, Requirements, Benefits

H2A Topics :

Emotional Intelligence

Farming Skills-set

Day in the life of a H2A worker

DAY 1 - Selection and Placement

F4A Selection Process & Criteria

Objective :  

 Training products


H2A Topics :

 Training products

Farm vehicles


Special Skills

Programme duration

Costs and Payment protocol

You’ll have a good understanding of H2A visa, and the way forward after the 1 day challenge!

Farm for Africa T&D specialises in the design, development and implementation of all skill
development required for H2A Visa Requirements in USA, addressing
skill- set development needs for the USA Market.
Providing an alternative educational system that caters for the diversity of learners and allows everybody an opportunity for an appropriate change to farm in USA.

F4A T&D provide practical training and development. (Building confidence and character)
Farm for Africa T&D will provide education interventions that will observe and assist students to discover their needs and interest, rather than on a fixed curriculum. This training will help students to develop their mind (mentally) and body (physically). This training will be an aid to life rather than a specific method of passing on academic objectives.
The approach will prepare students to succeed in a world where technology is changing the way we live at a very rapid pace. General life skills are more valuable than mastery of an academic qualification
Our Main focus areas will be (Personal values and beliefs, attitude, motivation, farming competencies, action (can you do it) and mental (theoretical foundation skills).
Farm for Africa T&D employs accredited, registered and experienced Facilitators and Assessors
to implement and ensure that all training material developed and or current material is presented
within the criteria as set out by International Standards.

Here’s a brief preview of what some of the Game Changers Says:

Testimonial from Eastern Colorado, USA

Testimonial of Albertus

"I am now in Minnesota USA, 3 months ago I was on the Learning Journey with Farm4Africa Training, I think there is a lot in there courses that you can use in you life.  It was a good decision for me to join them, they helped me to get where I am now.  If you put your head down, you will get placed"   

- William's Stokes Story

"I was impressed with the detailed and enjoyable course I attended in Lindley Free State with Farm4 Africa Training, the course material and presentations are well planned and executed.  I can't wait to do the practical week early next year.  After only 2 weeks of registering with them, I am also already shortlisted and waiting for a placement confirmation in USA.  The accommodation we're superb, I give it a thumbs up and a five stars"   

- Felix's Starker Story

Join the

'Position Yourself' 


You can see the H2A Visa Program as a money making opportunity, or a career opportunity. As long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to grow your skill set, it will far exceed your expectation. You can be a success! Just like the many "Game Changers" who started out just like you and grew their skill-sets and are earning thousands a month!